9 - 12 September 2012. Wroclaw, Poland

Website: www.fedcsis.org.

The 2012 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems cordially invites you to consider contributing an event (conference, symposium, workshop, consortium meeting, special session). The FedCSIS multi-conference consists of a significant number of recurring Events, but proposals for new associated events are welcome until January 11, 2012. The Events can run over any span of time within the conference dates; from half-day to three days.

Wroclaw (pronounced Vrots-Love) is proud to be the host city of FedCSIS 2012. You are welcome to the city that has gained the titles of „the Meeting Place of Poland” and „the Venice of Poland.” With over a thousand years of history, Wroclaw is the city where as many as 10 Nobel Prize winners lived, and which provides education to as many as 120,000 students enrolled in the city’s universities. Wroclaw is the co-host of Euro 2012 - European Football Championships and it was chosen as the 2016 European Capital of Culture, which illustrates diversity of its strengths.

The FedCSIS Events provide a platform for bringing together researchers, practitioners, and academia to present and discuss ideas, challenges, and potential solutions on established or emerging topics related to research and practice in computer science and information systems.

The Events will be selected based on the scientific/technical interest and/or their relevance to practitioners in their topics, the clarity of the proposal in addressing the requested information, the innovativeness of the Event topics, and the capacity in the FedCSIS multi-conference program.

AS in previous years, papers accepted and presented at any Event will be published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library proceedings (pending), and on USB memory stick given to FedCSIS participants. The IEEE proceedings will be published under an ISBN number and under nonexclusive copyright. Such copyright implies that Events’ organizers can and, indeed, are strongly encouraged to invite extended and revised papers for post-conference publications in high-quality journals, edited volumes, etc.

Event proposals
Event proposals should include the following information (2 pages maximum):
1. The nature of the Event.
2. The title the Event, and a clear description of the topic, including a brief justification.
3. The complete contact information of the Event organizers, including a link to their personal websites, and an overview of previous experiences with organization of scientific events.
4. Indication of the expected number of papers/attendees to attend the Event.
5. Information of expected post-event publications, of extended and revised papers, in high-quality journals, edited volumes, etc.

Event organizers should email their proposals (in a single pdf file) to the FedCSIS Secretariat secretariat@fedcsis.org.

Event proposal submission deadline: January 11, 2012

Organizational rules
1. Each Event is considered a satellite event of FedCSIS. All basic information about the Event, including its Call for Papers and a link to the FedCSIS-provided Paper Submission System, will be published in a unified form on the FedCSIS website.
2. The Event’s chair(s) may publish a more complete and up-to-date information on other websites, but all references to the event must mention its association with the FedCSIS.
3. The FedCSIS organizers will widely announce and advertise all multi-conference events, but the Event’s chair(s) should advertise their Event, to the best of their ability, through their own channels and solicit submissions.
4. The Event’s chair(s) manage the paper reviewing process through the FedCSIS-provided OpenConf conference management system. The review process must adhere to the IEEE guidelines. The process will also need to adhere to the more specific quality-assuring FedCSIS guidelines defining among others the expected acceptance rate for papers, conflict of interest principles, etc.
5. The paper submission formats are specified by the FedCSIS. The total length of a paper should not exceed 8 pages and should be formatted according to an IEEE style template made available to the authors from the FedCSIS site. Only papers submitted personally by the author(s) into the conference submission systems can be subjected to review and potential acceptance. Each paper will receive at least two reviews prior to the acceptance/rejection decision.
6. All the due dates for paper submissions, author notifications, camera-ready submissions and registrations are the same for all FedCSIS Events. However, some deadlines may be modified based on justified requests by the Event’s chair(s).
7. An Event with less than ten accepted papers/presentations is deemed to fall below the expectations for an autonomous event. Subject to negotiations with the event’s organizers, such an event may be canceled or included as a special session of papers in another thematically-close Event.
8. The Event’s chair(s) ought to prepare the final program in a publishable format according to the formatting guidelines provided by the FedCSIS organizers.
9. The Event’s chair(s) need to coordinate the Event sessions, stimulate discussion, and will be asked to submit an Event Report to the FedCSIS organizers.
10. Registration of participants, and all financial and local arrangements are managed by the FedCSIS organizers.