ATI (Asociación de Técnicos de Informática) is proud to announce the publication of the December 2005 issue of REICIS (acronym for Revista Española de Innovación, Calidad e Ingeniería del Software - Spanish Journal of Innovation, Quality, and Software Engineering). It is the first ‘real’ issue of this new openly accessible digital publication, in Spanish, sponsored by the Software Quality Special Interest Group of ATI; we say ‘real’ because issue number 1 only contained the presentation of the journal.

As stated in the editorial of issue number 2, “REICIS sets out with two main purposes: firstly, to become an academic publication of recognized standing in the field of Innovation, Quality, and Software Engineering; and secondly, and equally important, to act as a vehicle of communication for the software industry... REICIS aims to follow in the steps of Novática by maintaining a high academic level and the most rigorous standards of content. To achieve this it has enlisted the collaboration of prestigious experts to review the papers that are published, while benefiting from ongoing advice from the experts on its editorial board”.

REICIS is an initiative that reinforces the important role that our association plays in the field of publications, both at a domestic level, through Novática, and at an international level, through UPGRADE and UPENET.

More comprehensive information about REICIS, and a link to the full content of this issue in PDF, can be found at> (click on Números publicados de REICIS).