Si eres socio de ATI y tienes pensado asistir a la quinta edición del China Cloud Computing Conference, te regalamos la entrada a la conferencia.

Tendrá lugar en Beijing entre el 5 y 7 de junio de 2013, y la invitación es posible gracias a nuestra colaboración con el Chinese Institute of Electronics - CIE.

Pide tu entrada enviando un correo electrónico a​.

Te dejamos una breve presentación en inglés del evento.


Dates: 5-7 June 2013

The 5th China Cloud Computing Conference (Beijing) is one of the most influential conference on cloud computing in China.

The global cloud computing service market will reach 200 billion dollars to 2014. The structure of platform providers, system integrators, service providers, and developers become matured in America and European countries. Except for the big names, SME and start-ups are fostered to provide up-and -down stream services and products. American, British and German governments announce the cloud computing related guidances in recent 2 years and regard cloud computing as the one of the national development strategy, which in great extense enhance cloud computing with government guiding function.

Compared with developed countries, there is still way to go in Chinese cloud computing development.The data reveals that technology and market is primarily up-stream based.Until 2007, Chinese cloud computing industry stepped onto the steady track. Governments and related commissions launch policies and guidance to encourage cloud computing adoption and application.

Presently, domestic internet companies, telecom operators, software and hardware vendors achieve dramatic results in cloud computing.It is considered critical that government and industry begin adoption of this technology to narrow the gap with developed countries. Consequently,the 5th CCCC will look into global cloud computing trends, analyze the cloud computing and big data, cloud computing and mobile network, safety and application in the perspectives of internationality.

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