ECDL Foundation Newsletter -
                                December 2013

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ECDL / ICDL in Action Around
                                      the World

ICDL to be Implemented Across 4,000 Schools in Indonesia

In October 2013, the ICDL Asia Accreditation Partner for Indonesia, YPI Foundation, signed a MoU with BRI Management, (through its corporate social entity, the Ah Nahl Foundation), to fund the implementation of ICDL across 4,000 schools. Initially, funding will be provided for 20 Candidates from each of the 4,000 Islamic schools across Indonesia. YPI Foundation expects that almost 80,000 candidates will avail of ICDL Training and almost 560,000 tests will be completed. Read more.

New ICDL Recognised by the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA), Australia.

The Queensland Studies Authority has recognised thirteen ICDL Modules. These modules are recognised under the ‘Enrichment Learning Courses’ and they contribute one credit each towards a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), which is a certificate awarded to students completing their secondary schooling. A maximum of 8 credits from Enrichment courses can count towards a student’s QCE, where a minimum of 20 credits is required. Read more.

ICDL Syria in the Face of Crisis

The ICDL programme in Syria has been facing a lot of difficulties in the last two years because of the instability of the political situation. Around 60% of the Accredited Centres are closed or destroyed, 10% are reallocated to other safe areas. The number of candidates has dropped by 80% since 2010. The main challenges that the Accredited centres and the National Operator are facing on a daily basis are power outages, internet disconnection, and most importantly the safety issue of the ICDL employees when moving from one location to another. Read more.

New Test Centre in Chile Promoting Youth Development Through ICDL

ICAP (Instituto de Capacitación Profesional), located in Santiago de Chile, has recently become a new ICDL Accredited Test Centre. In the first week of December, 53 candidates took the ICDL certification, successfully completing four ICDL Base modules, achieving global recognition of their skills that will benefit them in their future education and in finding employment. Read more.

Thai Campus Holds Annual ICDL Competition

Sripathum University, Thailand, held its annual ICDL competition in November for the fifth year. Twenty schools in the area participated, each school represented by two students Each participant took two modules, Word Processing and Online Essentials, and the top 3 candidates each received a trophy. Read more.

ICDL Certification for Afghan Ministry of Higher Education

On 27 November, twenty employees of the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) received their ICDL certificates. Dr. Obaidulllah Obaid, the Afghan Minister of Higher Education, presented the certificates to the trainees. Since the project began, 500 MoHE employees have received their ICDL certificates. Read more.

ICDL GCC Calls on Government and Academic Sectors to Raise Awareness on Internet Security

During its 4th Annual Recognition Event to acknowledge entities supporting ICDL’s corporate social responsibilities (CSR) initiatives, ICDL GCC announced its 2014 vision for digital awareness and internet safety as two of its key strategic priorities. ICDL certifications were granted to 4,400 youths during the regional summer camps held in July and August 2013 as part of the ICDL GCC’s CSR efforts, in collaboration with more than 42 organisations from various industries. Read more.

ICDL GCC Launches New ICDL Profile

During a launch ceremony held at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort and attended by 300 ICDL Accreditation partners from across the GCC and Iraq, ICDL GCC launched ICDL Profile including four new modules – Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Project Planning and Online Collaboration – and offered guidance on how to apply the revised structure and the additional modules. The update will benefit over a million current candidates, including those who completed their ICDL certification since the programme’s launch in the GCC in 2001. Read more.

New Zealand Computer Society Encourage Digital Journey to ICDL

ICDL Asia Accreditation partner, The 2020 Communications Trust, has re-signed as accreditation partner for New Zealand, effective from 1 December. Joey Chua, the Partner Compliance Manager for ICDL Asia, visited New Zealand during November to work with the Trust in migrating to the New ICDL. While in New Zealand, Joey met with the Trust’s ‘Computers in Homes’ coordinators. ‘Computers in Homes’ is an introductory digital literacy programme for parents with school-aged children in low income communities There are 18 regional Computers in Homes coordinators who support communities throughout the country. Ten of these have already completed ICDL modules and are Accredited Testers. Read more.

ICDL Egypt Introduces Mobile Testing

In November, ICDL Egypt introduced mobile testing with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport in the Alexandria and Port Said governorates. Mobile testing brings ICDL testing to candidates in remote areas where there are no permanent adeqate facilities. Read more.

New ICDL Accredited Test Centre in Tuvalu

The ICT Department within the Ministry of Communications & Transport in Tuvalu has chosen ICDL certification programmes to support its mandate to provide computer training to the Tuvalu Public Service. During 2014, the ICT Department expects to register 200 Tuvalu public service officers. Following full government approval for ICDL training and certification across the whole public service, ICDL should then be available to approximately 860 staff. Read more.

For Discussion

ECDL In Education: What The Experts Say

There’s never been a better time to do ECDL / ICDL in school, or better reasons to do so. We recently asked some experts and partners on their experience of ECDL in second and third level education.
Click here to read what they said.

Research & Reports

Growing Demand for ICT Workers May Result in Skills Shortage, Confirms New EU Report

According to the European Vacancy Monitor, the number of employees working in the ICT sector has increased since 2008 in spite of the crisis, while at the same time the number of ICT graduates declined between 2004 and 2011. The number of ICT jobs increased in nineteen countries. The highest growth percentage were recorded in Greece (up by 30%) Belgium (27%), Estonia (17%), Cyprus (15%), and Luxembourg (13%). The report also indicates that the highest penetration of ICT employees is found in Northern Member States, and that 22 percent of ICT employees were aged 15-29 in 2012. Download the European Vacancy Monitor.

New Study Finds That 250,000 e-Inclusion Actors Operate in Europe

Over 250,000 organisations are estimated to be operating in the e-inclusion sector in the European Union (EU), according to a new study which mapped e-inclusions actors in the EU. The study findings highlight the role of e-inclusion actors, such as ECDL Foundation, which are at the forefront of digital inclusion and empowerment, and are of critical importance in today’s digital society. The study was conducted by the European Commission’s DG CONNECT and the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS). Download the Study Report.

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