Fostering ICT Professionalism and Other News from CEPIS – June 2012

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CEPIS has published the final report, brochure and video from e-Skills and ICT Professionalism project and the materials are now available online. We also bring you news from the CEPIS Green ICT Task Force and from the Spanish Member Asociación de Técnicos de Informática (ATI). The latest European developments such as the European Commission’s new Strategy for Safer Internet are also included. If you have any feedback or you would like to send contributions from your society for the next update to be published in July 2012, please email Michel Krmek.

CEPIS Fostering ICT Professionalism in Europe

ict_professionalismThe final report of the e-Skills and ICT Professionalism project undertaken by CEPIS along with the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) has just been published. The report presents a vision for maturing the ICT profession by developing a European Framework for ICT Professionalism around four basic building blocks: bodies of knowledge, competences, education and training, professional ethics. An executive summary brochure and a short video presenting the key findings of the project are also available. A hard copy of the executive summary brochure has been sent to each CEPIS member. Find Out More about the e-Skills and ICT Professionalism Project

48(12) CEPIS Council Draft Minutes and Presentations Now Available

cepisThe 48(12) CEPIS Council meeting was held last month in Milan. Thanks to all who attended. The 48(12) CEPIS Council Draft Minutes, presentations and supporting documentation are now available in the Member’s Area for your perusal. The group photos are also available in the Photo Gallery of the Member’s Area.

Members who attended this Council meeting are invited to provide their feedback by completing a short survey. This will take only a few minutes of your time and will help shape future meetings. Provide your feedback on the 48th Council Meeting

Join the CEPIS Task Force on Education

During the 48(12) CEPIS Council Meeting in Milan many Members expressed an interest in the topic presented by Bob McLaughlin on IT and Education. The CEPIS Secretariat will convene a meeting in Brussels with Members who would like to discuss computing in schools further. If you would like to attend, please let us know you are interested by showing your availability here.

CEPIS Green ICT Survey on Energy Efficiency - Report

green_it_banner1The CEPIS Green ICT Survey Report, presented at the 48(12) Council, is now available for download. This pan-European report was developed by the CEPIS Green ICT Task Force representing 10 countries and led by the Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society. The findings of the Green ICT survey, to which over 350 organisations across Europe responded during 2011 are analysed in this report. One of the key findings of the survey is that the top three countries with organisations that have the greenest ICT practices in Europe are Greece, Ireland and Switzerland. CEPIS invites its Member Societies to disseminate this interesting report within your societies. A CEPIS press release highlighting the report will be disseminated by the Secretariat, if CEPIS Members would like a press release template that can be tailored to their own society, please email Carol-Ann Kogelman. Download the Green ICT Survey Report

CISTI 2012 Programme Now Available! Reduced Registration Fee for CEPIS Members

logocisti2012The 7th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (CISTI 2012) will take place in Madrid from 20 to 23 June. The final conference programme includes the 2nd European Workshop on Computing and ICT Professionalism (EWCIP 2012) supported by the Spanish Member Asociación de Técnicos de Informática (ATI), CEPIS and the European Centre for Women and Technology which will consist of several topics related to different aspects of the ICT profession and professional development. CEPIS will present its recent work on professionalism and e-competence at this event. CEPIS Member Societies and their members can register for this conference at a reduced rate thanks to an agreement with the organisers (simply indicate ATI or CISTI partner when registering). Click Here to Register for CISTI 2012

Engage in the Digital Agenda Assembly Online Platform

DAE_logoThe second Digital Agenda Assembly (DAA) will take place on 21 - 22 June in Brussels. This annual event brings together stakeholders to discuss challenges and assess progress in the implementation of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE).The European Commission recently invited interested parties to join a new online discussion platform and debate on the DAE. More than 800 people have already registered and these discussions will feed into the ongoing policy debate around the review of the DAE foreseen at the end of 2012. CEPIS encourages its Member Societies to join this platform and to share their position on the progress of the DAE in their country. Participate in the Digital Agenda Assembly Platform

Share Information about Your Society’s Activities with Us

cepisDuring the communications discussion group at the last Council meeting in Milan, it was suggested that it would be useful for Members to understand the main priorities, projects and planning activities of other members. To start this process CEPIS Members are invited to provide a short half-page summary of their societies’ activities and projects that are taking place for the rest of 2012. The CEPIS Secretariat will compile the information received and share it with Members. Please send your contribution for 2012 to Michel Krmek.

Call for Papers - Annual Privacy Forum 2012

The Annual Privacy Forum 2012 will take place on 10 - 11 October in Limassol, Cyprus. This event provides a common platform for academia, industry and policy makers to discuss the impact of online communications on society, in relation to online privacy. The aim is to strengthen ties between research and policy on data protection. This event is organised by the European Commission, the European Network and Information Security Agency and the University of Cyprus. A call for papers is open until 25 June. Learn More about this Event

Dynamic e-Skills Week Activities in Spain

ATI_logo_new_2012Asociación de Técnicos de Informática (ATI) played an active role during this year’s e-Skills Week campaign in Spain as co-organiser of the activity ‘PARA T.I.’ (meaning ‘for you, for IT’ in Spanish) together with University of Alcalá and the support of AMETIC, the e-Skills Week National Contact Point in Spain. Over 100 secondary school students attended presentations on the IT profession, practical demonstrations of video games development, security advice about the Internet (by specialists of the Guardia Civil, one of the main police forces in Spain) and female success stories to encourage girls to choose IT studies in the future. A video in Spanish summarizing the event can be viewed here.

DG INFSO becomes DG Connect

ec_logo_2012As of 1 July 2012, the European Commission’s Directorate General for Information Society and Media (DG INFSO) will change its name to Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT). This change is intended to better reflect the scope of activities of the DG. The mission of DG CONNECT will be “to harness information & communications technologies in order to create jobs and generate economic growth; to provide better goods and services for all; and to build on the greater empowerment which digital technologies can bring in order to create a better world, now and for future generations”. Read More about DG CONNECT

EC Rolls Out New Strategy for a Safer Internet

safer_internetThe European Commission recently presented a new strategy for a safer internet and better online content for children. The objective is to make the internet more child-friendly and to reduce online risks often faced by children such as cyber-bullying or misuse of personal data. The new strategy focuses on giving children the digital skills and tools they require to benefit safely from the digital world. As part of this, measures to scale up awareness raising and teaching of online safety in all EU schools are foreseen. The strategy for a Safer Internet is based on a partnership between the European Commission, Member States and actors from the private sector such as providers of social networking services. More about the Safer Internet Strategy

Become the Face of European Security Month!

european_security_monthThe European Network and Information Agency (ENISA) is organising the first European Security Month to raise public awareness on cyber security. European Security Month will be held in October and will feature a wide range of activities in six European countries (Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and UK). In preparation for this event, ENISA is inviting citizens to send a photograph of themselves that will be included in the European Security Month’s advertising campaign and other promotional material. The objective is to collect as many portraits as possible to bring the campaign message ‘We Are European Security Month’ to life. More about European Security Month

EC Consultation: Public Funding of Broadband Networks

consultations2The European Commission recently launched a consultation on the application of EU state aid rules to the public funding of broadband networks. The consultation focuses on simplifying the draft Broadband Guidelines adopted in 2009 by the European Commission and adapting them to support the targets set out by the Digital Agenda for Europe. Indeed, as progress has been made in connecting all citizens to basic broadband networks, the focus is shifting towards facilitating the roll-out of fast and ultra-fast broadband networks across Europe. To achieve this objective public funding is needed to complement commercial investments in areas where private operators do not plan to invest because of low return on investment. The European Commission plans to adopt definitive Broadband Guidelines in December 2012 based on the comments received. This consultation is open until 3 September. Take Part in this Consultation

Important Upcoming Events


20 - 23 June CISTI 2012 Madrid, Spain. Organised by: ATI

21 - 22 June Second Digital Agenda Assembly Brussels, Belgium. Organised by: European Commission

19 - 21 September CONFENIS 2012 Ghent, Belgium. Organised by: FBVI-FAIB

10 - 11 October Annual Privacy Forum Limassol, Cyprus. Organised by: European Commission, University of Cyprus and ENISA. Supported by: CEPIS.