EC Vice President Tajani Praises CEPIS’ Grand Coalition Pledge

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We inform you that Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Commission, in a personal letter to CEPIS Secretary General, has praised CEPIS for its Grand Coalition pledge to launch the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark. We invite you to submit nominations for the CEPIS ICT Professionalism Award and to take a short survey on computing in schools. We also bring you the latest European developments in the fields of digital competence, green ICT, and digital connectivity. To send feedback or contributions from your Society for the October update, please email Michel Krmek.

Commission Vice President Tajani Applauds CEPIS’ Grand Coalition Pledge

TajaniAntonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Commission has written a personal letter to CEPIS Secretary General to praise CEPIS for its efforts to foster ICT professionalism in Europe through concrete actions, such as the launch of the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark. In his letter, Mr Tajani acknowledged CEPIS’ leadership for maturing the ICT profession and for accelerating the adoption of the European e-Competence Framework. CEPIS was among the first actors committing to act in support of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs by launching in March the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark, a free online interactive tool that enables current and future ICT professionals to identify the competences they need for various ICT roles and career paths. Read the Full Letter

Nominations for the CEPIS ICT Professionalism Award Extended Until 27 September

ICT Professionalism
                        AwardThe call for nominations for the CEPIS ICT Professionalism Award is extended until 27 September 2013. This new pan-European award will honour individuals who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the development of the ICT Profession. The CEPIS ICT Professionalism Award is open to anyone - be it an ICT professional, a researcher or an academic - who has made a substantial contribution to the development of the profession in general or contributions to advancing any of the building blocks of ICT Professionalism. Nominations must be submitted by CEPIS Member Societies. Submit Your Nomination for the CEPIS ICT Professionalism Award

Computing in Schools in Your Country

computers_youngThe CEPIS Computing in Schools SIN is conductinga short survey to get a better understanding of the development of computing in schools in each country, to gauge the interest of Member Societies and identify their activities in this area. Your response to this survey will help better tailor advocacy materials that are being developed for you by the SIN. The results of the survey will be reviewed during the next virtual meeting of the CEPIS Computing in Schools SIN on 17 September. All members are welcome and should you wish to attend, please contact Michel Krmek. Take the Computing in Schools Survey

Dansk IT, the Danish CEPIS Member Society, Investigates IT Project Failures

IT components One out of three companies believe they can only reap limited benefits of their implemented IT projects, according to a reportrecently published by Dansk IT, CEPIS Member Society in Denmark. Dansk IT surveyed 34 CIOs in Denmark, representing a budget of almost 2 billion Euro, to assess the main barriers to realize the full benefits of IT projects. The top three barriers according to CIOs are the lack of implementation of new processes among the whole organisation, the failure to follow up on the business case, and the lack of incentive to reap benefits. Read the Report on IT Project Failures (Only available in Danish)

Last Chance to Nominate the Digital Woman of the Year

Digital Woman AwardsCEPIS is a partner of the Digital Woman Award which was officially pledged in support of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. The Digital Woman Award is a pan-European prize for women and girls who distinguish themselves and their organisations in digitally-driven and digitally-enabled areas of study and work. There are three award categories: Digital Girl of the Year, Digital Woman of the Year, and Digital Impact Organisation of the Year. On 7 October 2013 winners of the 2013 Digital Woman Awards in all categories will be announced. Winners’ submissions will be showcased at the ICT 2013 event on 6-8 November 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Submit Your Nomination for the Digital Woman Awards

Europe is Increasingly Online but Citizens are Concerned About Bandwidth Speed and Cost

eurobarometer_ccSix of ten households in the European Union (EU) have broadband Internet access at home, and almost half of EU citizens have a mobile Internet subscription, however slow bandwidth speed and high costs are still a problem for many. According to a new Eurobarometer survey on electronic communications services in the EU, more than a third of EU citizens limit their use of mobile Internet access because they are concerned about the cost associated with it. Similarly, 43% of the citizens surveyed experienced difficulties accessing online content and applications due to insufficient bandwidth speed or downloading capacity. Read the Eurobarometer Survey

EC Invests €13.7 Million to Boost Cross-Border Digital Public Service

ec_logo_2012The European Commission recently announced that it would be investing €13.7 million in the e-SENS project (Electronic Simple European Networked Services) which aims to develop cross-border digital public services in Europe. The objective of this project is to facilitate business for companies in their own Member State and elsewhere in the EU by making it simpler, among others, to setup a company, fulfil legal requirements, and take part in public tenders. It will also link up national digital services for citizens who visit a different Member State on holiday, or for work or study. More on the e-SENS Project

ICT2013 Event Set to Bring Together Over 4000 Participants in Vilnius

The EuropeaICT2013n Commission is organising the ICT2013event on 6-8 November 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The event will focus on Horizon 2020, the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for 2014-2020, and various activities are planned out during these three days. There will be a two-day conference which will address different issues ranging from cloud computing, to ICT skills, and cyber security. More than 150 networking sessions will also take place at ICT2013 as well as a large exhibition to showcase the latest ICT research and products. More than 4000 researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry representatives, young people and politicians are expected to take part in this event.More About ICT2013

Study Sheds Light on the Measurement the ICT Sector’s Carbon Footprint

green_ictA recently published report from an EU-funded project looks at developing an overall measurement methodology of the carbon and energy footprints of the ICT sector. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the ICT sector are growing rapidly and are expected to almost triple between 2007 and 2020. Yet the very same sector enables vast GHG emissions savings through the development of innovative technology. Given the important role played by the ICT sector in improving the efficiency of major emitting sectors, it is important to develop an appropriate measurement methodology of the carbon and energy footprints of the ICT sector. Read More About the Carbon Footprint of the ICT Sector

Important Upcoming Events


7 October Computing in Schools SIN Meeting Brussels, Belgium. Organised by: CEPIS

6-9 November ICT2013 Vilnius, Lithuania. Organised by: European Commission

21 November 51st CEPIS Council Meeting Brussels, Belgium. Organised by: CEPIS

28 November 7th Digital Equality Conference Budapest, Hungary. Organised by: NJSZT