CEPIS Execom Elections, Tenders and Other News from CEPIS – August 2012

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We invite you to nominate candidates for the Executive Committee elections which will take place at the next Council meeting. You can also about the latest tenders and calls from the European Commission as well as news from the Hungarian CEPIS Member Society. If you have any feedback or you would like to send contributions from your society for the next update to be published in September 2012, please email Michel Krmek.

CEPIS Execom Elections – Nominations Now Open!

cepisThe official invitation to Members to nominate candidates for the Executive Committee has been announced on behalf of Honorary Secretary, Bryon Nicolaides. The term of five CEPIS officers expires in November 2012. In accordance with the CEPIS Constitution, Members are invited to nominate candidates for election to the positions listed below at the forthcoming Council meeting in Brussels on 22 November: President Elect, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Vice President (2 positions). For further information please see the Member’s Area of the CEPIS website.

CEPIS Meeting on Education: Computing in Schools

computing_schoolDuring the 48(12) CEPIS Council Meeting in Milan many Members expre ssed an interest in the topic presented by Bob McLaughlin on IT in Education. Thanks to all those who have indicated th eir availability for thi s meeting which will take place on 10 October in Brussels. If you would like to attend, but have not already indicated your availability, please contact Michel Krmek.

Central European Olympiad in Informatics Hosted by NJSzT

njszt_logo2012The CEPIS Member in Hungary, the John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSzT) recently hosted the 2012 Central European Olympiad in Informatics (CEOI 2012). This event attracted 52 promising computer scientists aged between 15 and 17 from 12 countries. Competitors were challenged to develop the best algorithms to solve practical problems of everyday life. The Central-European Olympiad in Informatics was launched in 1994 and is held each year in a different country. Read More about CEIO 2012

EC Invests €8.1 Billion in Research and Innovation to Boost Europe’s Growth

ec_logo_2012The European Commission announced the final and biggest ever set of calls for proposals for research under its Seventh Framework Programme. In total, €8.1 billion will support projects and ideas to increase Europe’s competitiveness. The funding, which is open to organisations and businesses in all EU Member States and partner countries, makes up the lion’s share of the EU’s proposed €10.8 billion research budget for 2013. The calls support the Digital Agenda’s ICT research funding targets, with almost €1.5 billion dedicated to the area of information and communication technologies. Learn More about the 2013 Work Programme

Call for Proposals – ICT Cooperation Programme

fp7The European Commission published the 10th Call for Proposals under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) theme of the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme. The objective of this Call is to improve the competitiveness of European industry and enable Europe to shape future developments in ICT in order to meet the demands of its society and economy. This call addresses 8 challenges ranging from ‘Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures’ to ‘ICT for Learning and Access to Cultural Resources’, and covers additional themes such as International Cooperation and Future and Emerging Technologies. This Work Programme defines the priorities and the criteria that will be used for evaluating proposals. The deadline to submit proposals is 15 January 2013. Learn More about this Call for Proposals

Register to the ICT Proposers’ Day 2012

ict_proposers_dayThe ICT Proposers’ Day is a two-day event organised by the European Commission’s DG for Communications Networks Content and Technology (DG CONNECT, formerly DG INFSO). It will take place in Warsaw, Poland, on 26-27 September. This event offers a networking platform to build quality partnerships for participating in the new ICT Work Programme for 2013. The event will include presentations of project ideas, first-hand information from European Commission officials, as well as guidance on how to submit a successful proposal. An online platform was recently launched that allows participants to submit their presentations and start networking with other proposers. Click Here to Register

Call for Tender - Digital Agenda Policy Engagement Research

DAE_logoThe European Commission recently published a call for tender regarding policy engagement for growth and jobs as part of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE). The goal of this service contract is to stimulate commitment around the use of ICT to deliver growth and jobs by supporting the up-scaling of ongoing efforts in meeting DAE targets. This service contract is divided in five separate lots, one of which focuses on the potential of ICT to generate employment. Particular attention during the research will be paid to aspects relating to mapping skills needs, matching supply and demand of required job profiles, and certification of competences.This call for tender is open only until 19 August. More about this Call for Tender

Calls for Tender - e-Skills

eSkilllsThe European Commission’s DG for Enterprise and Industry published three calls for tender on e-skills. The first call focuses on monitoring key indicators and scenarios on the supply and the demand of e-skills, and on benchmarking national policy initiatives and multi-stakeholder partnerships in the European Union. The second call is for a study on the international dimension of e-skills and professionalism and the impact of globalization on high-level e-skills requirements. The third call aims to develop European guidelines and quality labels for new curricula fostering e-leadership skills based on market needs and best practices. The three calls for tender are open until 28 September.

Call for Tender – Study on Social Innovation in the Digital Agenda

cordis_logoThe European Commission’s Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) published a call for tender for a large study on social innovation in the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE). The study focuses on the social innovation enabled by the network effect of the Internet and by new models for co-production and sharing of content. The objective is to identify the actors involved in social innovation and to analyse their approaches in relation to the DAE, as well as to mobilise new actors and the general public in view of future research actions and social innovation activities. Proposals can be submitted until 10 August. More about this Call for Tender

Call for Proposals – Study on Women Active in the ICT Sector

Women ICTThe European Commission launched a call for proposals to identify and analyse the most effective practices in structural and cultural change and the ’economic case’ for fostering higher participation of girls and women in ICT studies, careers, digital world. The envisaged study will also cover ICT-related career image changes and explore what is means to have ICT skills as well as how and where those ICT skills can be employed. This Call for Proposals is open until 29 October 2012. Learn More about this Call for Proposals

CEPIS at WCC2012

logoIFIPThe World Computer Congress 2012 will take place in Amsterdam from September 24-26. The theme of the WCC2012 Conference is ‘Towards an Innovative, Secure and Sustainable Information Society’. To achieve this objective education and IT professionalism are key so on the third day of the program there is a focus on e-skills and professionalism, where the CEPIS work on e-competence and the development of pan-European framework will be presented in additional to the work of the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills. During the first two days topics such as how can IT help in improving health care, food and water supply, address climate issue and security will be addressed. Registration is still open. More on WCC2012

EU Citizens Feel Threatened by Cyber Crime

cyber_securityA new survey on cyber security reveals that 89% of European Internet users avoid disclosing personal information online because of concerns about cyber crime. Internet users are also highly concerned about identity theft and discovering illegal content accidentally. Moreover the report highlights the strong link between being well-informed about cyber crime and feeling confident online. The European Commission has proposed to set up a European Cybercrime Centre in 2013 to protect citizens and businesses against increasing cyber threats and is preparing a European Strategy for Cyber Security, which will address, among other topics, infrastructure protection and cybercrime. Read the Full Report

Skills Shortage Forces Organisations to Adopt Talent Development Strategies

manpower_study20122The 2012 Talent Shortage Survey, recently published by the Manpower Group, reveals that one third of employers are unable to find the talent their organisation need because applicants lack the technical skills required. The survey also highlights that recruiting new staff for IT roles is increasingly challenging for employers, with IT being the most in-demand category (up from eighth in 2011). This lack of competences will force organisations to adopt a new mindset regarding talent development, where upskilling their existing employees and developing candidates with potential becomes the norm rather than the exception. Read the Full Report

Call for Proposals – ARTEMIS Embedded Computing Systems Initiative

artemis_logoThe European Commission launched a new call for proposals for the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking which is a public-private partnership between the EC, Member States and the industry. The objective of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking is to help European industry consolidate and reinforce its world leadership in embedded computing technologies. Over 98% of all computing chips are are indeed hidden or embedded in all sorts of thing, such as cars or mobile phones, that do not even look like computers. The economic impact of embedded computing systems in terms of jobs and growth is expected to exceed € 100 billion over ten years. The deadline for submissions is 6 September. Learn More about this Call for Proposals

EC Consultation on Preservation of the Open Internet

consultations2The European Commission launched a consultation on Internet transparency, switching operators, and Internet traffic management. The consultation seeks views on Internet congestion management, managed services, and related privacy issues. It focuses also on Internet performance, restrictions of Internet access products, and Internet interconnection issues between network operators. The consultation results will form the basis of policy recommendations. The consultation is open until 15 October 2012. Take Part in this Consultation

OECD Skills Strategy Launched

oecd_logoThe Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recently launched its new Skills Strategy. The Skills Strategy is a global online project aimed at fostering a cross-government and peer-learning approach in the development, supply, and use of skills to promote economic growth and social inclusion. The project offers policy recommendations for countries, businesses, and individuals with a view towards a better use and description of skills. Country-specific indicators and local case-studies allow the analysis of skills-related topics on a national level. The dedicated website also offers interactive data visualisations allowing cross-country comparisons on the national impacts of skills. Visit the Skills Strategy Website

EC Consultation on Network and Information Security

consultations2The European Commission launched a consultation on improving Network and Information Security (NIS) in the EU. Network and information systems have become essential and they are crucial in the completion of the European Internal Market. NIS incidents are however on the rise with increasing reports of cyber incidents. The EC intends to adopt a Strategy aimed at improving NIS, stepping up the fight against cybercrime, and addressing the external dimension of cyber-security. In order to enhance NIS across the EU, the EC is carrying out an impact assessment, to which this Consultation will contribute. This consultation is open until 12 October. Take Part in this Consultation

Discover the EY2012 Awards

ey2012The European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations (EY2012) is launching the EY2012 Awards to highlight initiatives that promote active ageing and intergenerational solidarity. One of the six awards categories, the ‘workplaces for all ages awards’ focuses on initiatives aiming to improve conditions for older workers. The prizes for the finalists are €2,000 for the first place, €1,000 for the second place, and €500 for the third place. An awards ceremony will be organised later this year in Brussels where the winners of each category will be announced. More about the EY2012 Awards

Important Upcoming Events


- 21 September
CONFENIS 2012 Ghent, Belgium. Organised by: FBVI-FAIB

- 26 September
IFIP World Computer Congress 2012 Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Organised by: IFIP

- 27 September
ICT Proposers’ Day 2012 Warsaw, Poland. Organised by: European Commission

- 11 October
Annual Privacy Forum Limassol, Cyprus. Organised by: European Commission, University of Cyprus and ENISA. Supported by: CEPIS