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                                    Newsletter - Issue 2 2013

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ICDL Latinoamérica to Implement ICDL Through a Variety of Networks – Mexico

ICDL Latinoamérica, the new not-for-profit initiative of ECDL Foundation, introduced the new ICDL certification programme in Mexico this month. The ICDL programme will be delivered in Mexico through a variety of networks in the educational and corporate training sectors. Read more.

ICDL Zimbabwe Annual Test Centre Forum Boasts Record Attendance for the Launch of new ICDL

Organised by the ICDL National Operator for Zimbabwe, the Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ), this event drew many delegates from (including representatives of the Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Public Service) from across urban and rural Zimbabwe. The forum’s main focus was on the delivery of the updated, ‘new ICDL’ programme. Read more.

ICDL Extends its International Reach Across the Pacific Ocean – Tuvalu & Solomon Islands

The governments of Tuvalu, and of the Solomon Islands will deliver ICDL to civil servants and to the wider community through newly accredited ICDL Test Centres. Together, the two island nations help to expand the reach of the ICDL programme across the Pacific region, while also adding to the increasing number of countries that offer ICDL internationally. Read more.

Korean Student Delegates to Take ICDL in the English Language – Singapore

To improve both their IT literacy and their English language skills, a group of Korean undergraduates from Dongguk University visited Singapore in January to undergo ICDL training and testing in English. This successful study tour between Korea and Singapore is the first of its kind, and may lead to similar collaborations in future. Read more.

News from the ECDL / ICDL

Digital Grandparenting for a Safer Internet – European Safer Internet Day 2013

With life expectancy rising across the globe, it is now much more common for children to grow up while their grandparents, and even their great-grandparents, are living. Grandparenting is consequently becoming increasingly significant in family life. Given that grandparents are an important support to childcare, it is crucial that grandparents understand the technology young people use every day in order to support children and help them stay safe online. Read more.

Discussion in Digital

New ECDL to Support the European Commission’s Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs

ECDL Foundation has pledged its support to the European Commission’s Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. With EU unemployment reaching all-time highs, the ‘new ECDL’, with a wider range of modules and greater flexibility, reflects the growing need for certification options that support employability directly by aligning individuals’ skills with employers’ needs. Read more.

ICDL to Skill More Than 5,000 Civil Servants and Contribute to Asia-Wide Standardised Skills Framework – Thailand

As part of the ‘Smart Thailand’ initiative, 5,000 civil servants will undergo ICDL digital literacy certification, utilising the new flexible ‘ICDL Profile’ concept. Through a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding, MICT and ECDL Foundation will also collaborate on the implementation of a standardised ICT skills framework, initially in Thailand and then across the ASEAN region. Read more.

Programme News

ICDL Skills Staff at the Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research Unit (MEIRU) - Case Study

Essential ICT skills are enabling MEIRU staff to better perform their important research into communicable and non-communicable diseases in the region. Read more.

Technology Focused Talent Makes Firms More Competitive – INSEAD Report (2013)

Investing in new technology is not enough to boost companies’ competitiveness: strong business enablers are essential to maximise the return on technology investment, says a new report from INSEAD. Read more.

Education to Employment: Designing a System that Works – McKinsey & Company (2013)

This recent report assesses – and attempts to answer - the global conundrum that governments and economies currently face: very high youth unemployment, yet employers are struggling to find workers with suitable skill sets. Read more.

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