ECDL Foundation Newsletter -
                                August 2013

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ECDL Foundation in Action
                                      Around the World

New ICDL Launched at First ICDL Africa Forum - Kenya

On 20 August, ICDL Africa held its first ever Forum in Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. The Forum, which saw the launch of New ICDL in Kenya, was attended by over 120 delegates, including ICDL representatives from Nigeria, Tanzania and Somalia. Read more.

ECDL Romania Partners with Biblionet and Reaches Rural Village Libraries – Romania

Individuals from ten rural localities in Gorj County in Romania have been trained for free to effectively use computers by the librarians in their localities, and succeeded in obtaining the introductory level EqualSkills certificate. All this happened with support from ECDL Romania, which has partnered with the national ‘Biblionet’ programme. Read more.

ICDL Asia Exhibits at the Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association (VITTA) Conference – Melbourne, Australia

Delegates discussed the need for digital literacy skills development in schools with the ICDL Asia team at this high-level educational conference. This year’s conference was titled: ’Provoking Learning with ICT’. Read more.

ECDL Provides Essential Skills for Migrants – Hungary

Migrants coming from different Asian and African countries, who are now living in Hungary, recently received their ECDL certificates, with the assistance of ECDL Hungary. At the certificate-awarding ceremony, many of the candidates expressed the happiness that they feel as ECDL holders – and hope that their certificates will help to find them employment. Read more.

ICDL Colombia Presents at Enter.Foros

Enter.Foros, which is supported by the ICT Ministry, is the business unit that develops eContent forums, conferences, and seminars on topics of technology to micro, and small- and medium-sized enterprises in Colombia. ICDL Colombia participated in the forum that discussed the economic cost that can result from a lack of digital literacy among workers, focusing on free trade and technology. Read more.

News from the ECDL / ICDL

Cloud Calling: the Rise of Teleworkers

Teleworking is becoming increasingly accepted and popular globally. It is becoming a powerful force in minimising the international divide, and in providing unprecedented access to the labour market, especially in developing countries. Read more.

Programme News

Pan-European Study Unveils Countries’ Attitudes Towards Children’s Online Safety

In a recently released report on children’s online safety, the London School of Economics analyses the risks and harm experienced by children online across Europe. Read more.

Europe is Increasingly Online but Citizens are Concerned About Bandwidth Speed and Cost

According to this European Commission survey, six of ten households in the EU have broadband Internet access at home, and almost half of EU citizens have a mobile Internet subscription, however slow bandwidth speed and high costs are still a problem for many. Read more.

’Information and Communications Technology Workforce Study’ - Australian Government

This recent report gives a comprehensive view of the current ICT industry and workforce in Australia, and examines the impact that ICT - especially emerging technological trends - will be likely to have on Australia’s competitiveness and general economic makeup in the future. Read more.

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