ECDL Foundation Newsletter -
                                Issue 3 2013

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ECDL Foundation in Action
                                      Around the World

Global Launch of New ECDL / ICDL

ECDL Foundation launched the New ECDL / ICDL programme at its annual Forum, held this year in London on 16 & 17 May. New ECDL / ICDL is a major revision of the programme, developed to reflect technology changes and labour market requirements. The key changes to the programme include more flexibility, more suitability to lifelong learning and a wider range of modules. Read more.

ECDL-Government Project to Skill Teachers and Civil Servants - Montenegro

The project is financed by the European Union’s IPA fund, with participation from two Montenegrin ministries, and is being implemented by ECDL Foundation and its National Operator for Serbia and Montenegro – JISA. During the project, 3,500 employees in education institutions and in public administration will be trained and certified in accordance with the ECDL standard. Read more.

ICDL Gains Growing Recognition in Asia and Australia

As a result of the efforts of ICDL Asia, the ICDL programme is starting to gain considerable recognition in Asia and Australia, as it is being adopted by a variety of schools and universities in Malaysia and Indonesia, and has gained formal recognition by an education board in Australia. Read More.

ECDL Romania Supports the ‘Informatics Champions’

Over 500 students and teachers in secondary schools across the country participated in the ‘National Olympiad in Informatics’ during April. This initiative, which encourages excellence in Romanian schools, is also supported by the Ministry of Education and the School Inspectorates. Read more.

ICDL Colombia as a Main Participant in National e-Learning Conference

ICDL Colombia, with the support of ICDL Latinoamérica, will participate in EXPOELEARNING on 13 June in Bogotá, Colombia. ICDL Colombia will present on digital competences in the world of online and distance learning, highlighting successful instances of the ICDL digital skills certification’s successful implementation in the public and private sector around the world. Read more.

Inspiring ICDL Student from Zimbabwe

Daniel Goncalves, who set up a Zimbabwean social networking site that competes with Facebook, is fast-becoming a rising national ICT star. Daniel became interested in computers at an early age, and cites the ICDL programme as significant element in his digital skills development. Read more.

News from the ECDL / ICDL

Technology in Crisis: More Powerful Than You Think

A new study released by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) claims that the latest communication technology could be used to prevent conflict, violence and man-made crisis. Threats of unrest or conflict can actually dissipate when handled with the right technology locally and in real-time. Read more.

Programme News

Digitally Skilled Teachers are Key to Drive the Use ICT in the Classroom – European Commission Survey

According to this EC survey only a handful of European teachers use ICT during lessons even though the majority of them (75%) use ICT to prepare their teaching. ‘The Survey of Schools: ICT in Education’ report was commissioned by the European Commission to benchmark access, use of and attitudes to ICT in schools in 31 European countries. Read more.

ICDL in Sri Lanka: Meeting Expectations During War and Beyond - Case Study

During both war and peace, education has been an absolute priority to the people living in the north of Sri Lanka. Considering this, ICDL Sri Lanka did its utmost to develop the IT skills of the teachers of the north with the support of the Ministry of Education. ICDL Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Education shared the same view that equipping the teachers with ICT skills is the best method of making a society digitally literate. Read more.

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