Organizada por IFIP en Brasil
Julio 27-31, 2009

World Conference on Computers in Education

The 9th IFIP World Conference on Computers in Education (WCCE 2009) is an IFIP event hosted by the Brazilian Computer Society - SBC (Sociedade Brasileira de Computação), and organised by UFRGS (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul), UFSC (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina), IDESTI (Instituto de Capacitação, Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Institucional em Gestão Social de Tecnologia de Informação). This is the first WCCE to be held in South America ever.

Education and technology for a better world is the main theme for WCCE 2009. The conference will enlighten and explore different perspectives of this theme, covering all levels of formal education as well as informal learning arenas, societal aspects and challenges that are faced by developing countries.

The first World Conference on Computers in Education organized under the auspices of the International Federation for Information Processing - IFIP, was held in Amsterdam, in 1970. Since then, it was organized each four to six years in a different country.

This is a conference with strong international participation and brings together professionals from all continents working in the field of Education and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

WCCE 2005 was held in Cape Town, South Africa.

IFIP, the main sponsor of WCCE 2009, have a long tradition in the field of technology through its worldwide network of members, constituted by more than 60 scientific societies.

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